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Allen Edmonds is a beautifully, well-appointed upscale shoe store for men.  They also sell luxurious backpacks, belts, and socks.  Allen Edmonds is both a physical and an online store with a wide variety of men's shoes - the store boasts everything from dress shoes to golf shoes, from orthotics to boots, from loafers to even custom shoes. The store also has a surprising array of men's accessories, such as sock boxes, shoe trees, even eyeglasses and more.  There are scores of locations all over the world, spanning 23 countries, including stores in 48 states in the US. 

Allen Edmonds: What makes it different?

Where Allen Edmonds really shines is in its stellar service.  When in the store, the focus is totally on the customer at all times.  In addition, the store offers shoe shine, which seems to be a dying art.  The layout and atmosphere of the store is also especially conducive to a wonderfully convenient shopping experience.  It is extremely easy to see every shoe and every accessory sold.  All the prices are readily available on each item.  The whole store almost feels like a gentleman's study. 

Allen Edmonds vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Allen Edmonds)

Kenneth Cole is nowhere near as upscale as Allen Edmonds.  The store is not as attractive, and the service does not compare. During my few minutes in Allen Edmonds, the salesman was helping another customer, but still asked if I needed assistance - twice.  By comparison, when I entered Kenneth Cole, there were two saleswomen with no customers in the store, and it took a while for anyone to ask if I needed help. 

Ferragamo is beautiful and has beautiful shoes, but the service is nonexistant compared to Allen Edmonds.  The only person who greeted me was the security guard.  I was never asked at all if I needed help.  In fact, the store is so big that it is difficult to even find the men's shoe department at all.   

Allen Edmonds: Pricing & packages

Allen Edmonds sells shoes ranging from $110USD a pair to $550.  Kenneth Cole's shoes range from $68 to $355.  Ferragamo's price range for shoes is generally $390 to $750, with penny loafers costing a pretty penny at $925.  

For belts, Allen Edmonds runs from $85 to $425.  Kenneth Cole runs from $29.98 to $58.  Ferragamo's range is $190 to $290.  

In addition, Allen Edmonds and Kenneth Cole sell shoe trees.  Kenneth Cole charges $19.50.  Allen Edmonds has regular shoe trees ($19.95) and also customizable ones at $29.95.

Allen Edmonds: Product images & screenshots
Allen Edmonds Coupons
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Allen Edmonds: Customer reviews & comments

One customer reports that the folks at Allen Edmonds "do size feet well", and "educate about the proper care to extend the life of your new investment."  Another proclaims that "I 100% only wear Allen Edmonds shoes for work for the last 11 plus years."  There is a concern about a "very uncomfortable shoe" and a claim that "a few of the shoes I specifically went to this store to check out in person after viewing them on the website, were not carried in the store".  However, Allen Edmonds is loved by those who feel that "the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, they were able to answer all of my questions", "the staff...rock", and "I have 3 pairs of allen edmonds shoes, and I absolutely adore them.  Top of the line quality, ultimate comfort and always in style."  One happy patron sums it up by stating that "Allen Edmonds...They make us spoiled rotten."

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Save Up To 35% On Select Allen Edmonds Footwear @ Allen Edmonds
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