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Chipkos sells sandals - an alternative to the traditional flip-flop - but these are no ordinary sandals. These are sandals that Save the Planet, because that is what Chipkos' mission is.

They believe that sandals have the power to protect more than just your feet and for every pair of Chipkos' original sandals sold they protect 100 square feet of rain forest. Their goal is to conserve 100,000,000 square feet of endangered forest, one square foot at a time.

Their efforts are currently focused on the Guanacaste rain forest in Costa Rica, which is one of the most threatened habitats in the world. A portion of Chipkos' donations goes towards hiring members of the Costa Rican community to be Park Rangers, Staff and Educators in Guanacaste and they also fund the education of children living within 50 miles of Guanacaste on the importance of protecting the environment.

This eco-friendly company practises what they preach, they run a paperless office and the sandals are made from low-impact environmentally friendly materials including recycled EVA and rubber for the outsoles and midsoles, sustainable rafia fiber foot beds and non toxic water-based adhesives.

They use 100% recycled materials for their product tags and ship the sandals in eco-friendly re-usable shoe bags instead of cardboard boxes.

Chipkos also sell wrist cuffs made from 100% eco-friendly copper with two healing magnets on the interior of the bracelet. These are hand-made in India by local artisans and during October 2011 a percentage of the sale of these cuffs goes to the Cure LAC Foundation funding breast cancer research.

Chipkos original sandals are intended to make a statement with their unique design inspired by an Indian Kolhapuri style, they are unconventional with a square toe line as opposed to the round design of the ordinary flip-flop. They come in three colours black, red or white and are suitable for both men and women.

Chipkos customers can see beautiful photographs taken in the Costa Rica rain forest on the website so they know what they are supporting and they can also follow Chipkos on Facebook.

Chipkos: What makes it different?

Where Chipkos is unique is their whole operation is eco-friendly from their paperless office to their recycled tags and re-usable shoe bags instead of cardboard boxes.

They have one goal in mind, to conserve 100,000,000 square feet of endangered rain forest, 100 square feet at a time. To try and speed up this process they have even produced the world's most expensive flip-flops, a pair of David Palmer's painted Chipkos which are a collector's item and which are on sale for $18,000.000.

They are concentrating their efforts on the Guanacaste rain forest in Costa Rica, one of the most threatened habitats in the country, and they do not just donate money. They actively work with partners in Costa Rica who hire residents to become Park Rangers, staff and educators. Every 5th grade child within 50 miles of Guanacaste have been visited by an educator to be taught about conservation.

They openly publicise the environmentally friendly materials used in their original sandals and they have built up a huge following of customers who appreciate not only their products, but the good work they are doing in the rain forest.

Chipkos vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Chipkos)

Simple sells "green shoes" using recycled materials and how they make them is just as important as why they make them. They are constantly searching for more sustainable ways of doing business so they can increase their productivity.

Some of the sustainabl,e materials used in their shoes are

  • Recycled carpet padding
  • Eco-certified suede and leather
  • Hemp
  • Recycled car tyres
  • Recycled wool
  • BIOD
  • 100% post consumer recycled paper
  • Certified organic cotton

They offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more and free returns and they sell sandals, sneakers, casuals and vegan-friendly shoes for men, women and kids.

The kids range is for infants from 0-18 months through to Big Kids 8-12 years. They also sell bags but the only bag in stock at the moment is an eco-friendly certified cotton combover pack.

Customer reviews on the Flippee sandals state they are very comfortable and sturdy but there is a problem over sizing, you have to order at least half-a-size bigger for them to fit but this is not mentioned on the website.

Unlike Chipkos they do not openly support any charity but they do support the environment by using recycled materials to manufacture their shoes and sandals.

Ombu Lifestyle is a similar company to Chipkos, but on a much smaller scale. They actively support environmental charities and for every pair of shoes they sell they plant a tree and give the customer a seed to encourage them to be part of this new challenge to reforest the planet.

Ombu Lifestyle donates to three charities

  • Students Helping Honduras
  • Planeta Feliz
  • Trees for the Future

The company is run by a group of people who want to build a new generation of environmentally-conscious consumers and they sell eco-friendly canvas sneakers for men and women in a variety of colours and patterns. Ombu Lifestyle believe their shoe brand is not just a shoe but a new lifestyle.

You can sign up for their mailing list and follow their activities on Twitter and Facebook.

Chipkos: Pricing & packages


  • Chipkos original sandals for men and women £48.00
  • Chipkos AHIMSA wrist cuffs for men and women £36.00
  • David Palmer's Collector's Edition - Painted Chipkos sandals, the world's most expensive flip-flops £18,000.000



  • Flippee Plaid or Synthetic Nubuck sandals $30 a pair
  • Take on Hi Brr boot $80
  • O S Sneaker in eco-certified suede $60


  • Flippee Polka, Micro Performance or Synthetic Nubuck sandals $30 a pair
  • Take on Ribbon eco-certified suede sneaker $55.00
  • BRRlin eco-certified suede knee-length boot $85.00
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Chipkos: Customer reviews & comments


  1. In the first week since Chipkos switched their ecommerce provider to Shopify they have protected one million square feet of endangered rain forest. To put that in perpestive it is just under twenty football fields. Chipkos is an eco-friendly lifestyle company that has gained tons of media attention by protecting one hundred square feet of rain forest for every product they sell. Their sandal line is all manufactured with environmentally sound practices and materials and their current conservation efforts are primarily in Costa Rica. Here is how it works - one pair of Chipkos sandals = purchase and protection of one hundred square feet of habitat, resources, species + community enrichment. Prya Dua, founder of Chipkos has an ambitionious goal, to conserve 1000,000,000 square feet of endangered rain forest for the protection and preservation of land, species and natural resources. We are really excited to have Chipkos join us at Shopify and I can't wait to walk around the office in my new pair of sandals. Mark Hayes, Shopify.
  2. My hubby is a sandals kinda guy. He lives in sandals from about March to October. Therefore we are always on the lookout for a new favourite sandal. Since he wears his sandal just about everywhere, including work, he likes to keep the design simple and sleek. We found a website that had just the sandals for him, Chipkos. They sell both men and women sandals online and they are also the company with a great cause. The Chipkos sandals are light and seem durable. One of the first thing I noticed was the shape of the sandal. It is different to your typical sandal, the shape is inspired by the classic Indian Osho Chappel. They slant up in the front, they look Asian-inspired in this way which I don't really prefer but my husband thinks it is cool. The materials seem high quality and look very sharp, the black canvas sandal straps have double stitching for minimized wear and tear and the canvas footbed has a no-fray liner, they seem like they will be long-lasting. After wearing the sandals he found the Chipkos Originals to be very comfortable, with the comfort of the non-compressing reactive form cush midsole, the natural contour moulding and anatomical arch support these shoes will get lots of muse at work and around the town. One awesome feature of these sandals are they are produced with environmentally friendly materials, we both love that, and they even came with 100% recycle material tags. For every Chipkos Original Sandals that you buy Chipkos will conserve 100 square feet of endangered rain forest. I love companies that give back to the world in one way or another and Chipkos are doing just that. You can feel good about your purchase.  Karissa, SAeptember 2011.
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