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Crocs, Inc. is a shoe manufacturer founded by Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr. in 2002. They initially specialized in producing foam clog, a design acquired from a Quebec company named Foam Creations. Now, Crocs extended to many exciting footwear products for girls, boys, women and men, such as:

Regardless of your lifestyle, Crocs has footwear for you, whether you are:

Or whatever you activity is, Crocs has it:

Crocs Canada: What makes it different?

Crocs has revolutionized traditional clogs to modern comfortable foam shoes. Everyone just love the! Here are the distinctive features of Crocs, Inc. and their products:

  • Special material. In June 2004, Crocs acquired Foam Creations and their manufacturing operations to secure exclusive rights to a foam resin called Croslite. The foam forms itself to a wearer’s feet, providing excellent comfort and fun.
  • Thrilling styles. Manufactured in Canada, Mexico, Italy, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Chine, Crocs shoes are produced in a variety of colors depending on the model. Most of their shoes are produced in a palette of four to six colors or two-color combinations; some exceptions are the Beach and Cayman styles which come in more than 20 colors. Their “Fuzz Collection” is truly extraordinary as these shoes have removable wolly liners which can be used as winter wear.
  • Extreme comfort. Wearers would feel like floating in the air with Crocs shoes. Aside from the soft and light material, the shoes are provided with ventilation holes so your feet can breathe and be free. This footwear is also non-marking and odor-resistant.
  • Fun cool items. Other than their fun and trendy shoes, Crocs also offer non-footwear products like sunglasses, goggles, knee pads, watches, luggage and more. Their Jibbitz items are fashion accessories which can be clipped to the ventilation holes in the shoes.
  • Health and safety. More than the comfort they provide, Crocs shoes are safe with amazing health benefits. Some Crocs shoes were tested and recommended by the U.S. Ergonomics Company (2005), American Podiatric Medical Association (2009) and the US government Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (2008) as diabetic footwear. In 2009, Crocs created Fuse and two other designs to dissipate static electricity.
  • Crocs Cares. Crocs also support good cause. With their various programs, they give assistance to several non-profit organizations and outreach activities. They also have the program “Donate Your Crocs” where customers can donate worn but wearable Crocs shoes.
Crocs Canada vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Crocs Canada)

As indicated in many blogs and reviews, the most comfortable shoes and footwear are from Merrell, Hush Puppies, Life Stride, and most of all, Crocs.

Though it pioneered in producing tough quality boots, Merrell has widened its selection of footwear to shoes and sandals. Materials used are very lightweight and footwear is created through high-end technology. Best of all, Merrell shoes are vegan friendly, using 0% animal products. However, Merrell products are better suited to sports, hiking and other outdoor activities, unlike Crocs’ which are also great for everyday use.

Hush Puppies is another comfortable and trendy footwear. Established in 1958, it was the first company to offer soft and comfortable suede in the market. Their shoes are likewise lightweight, very flexible, shock-absorbent, and street smart. These features are also found in Crocs’ shoes. Despite being comfortable, some Hush Puppies products may give wearers some blisters. Unlike Crocs’ shoes which are odor-resistant and fit snugly to wearer’s feet, some Hush Puppies shoes have stiff parts that may cause discomfort to wearers after long use.

Another company which has been long in the business of providing comfortable shoes is Life Stride. It is a trusted and well-love brand. They have good reputation, friendly return policy, and several exciting deals and discounts. However, the company only caters to women and girls.

Crocs Canada: Pricing & packages

Here is a concise list of price range of Crocs footwear for women:

Translucents: C$34.99 to C$49.99

Crocband: C$32.99 to C$54.99

Clogs: C$34.99 to C$54.99

Sandals: C$29.99 to C$54.99

Flip-flops: C$25.00 to C$44.99

Flats: C$36.99 to C$69.99

Heels and wedges: C$44.99 to C$139.99

Slip-ons: C$34.99 to C$69.99

Boots: C$59.99 to C$99.99

Shoes: C$39.99 to C$79.99

Prepair: C$39.99 to C$44.99

Sport: C$39.99 and C$44.99

Work: C$34.99 to C$69.99

Medical: C$44.99 to C$149.99

Fuzz collection: C$29.99 to C$69.99

Ocean Minded: C$14.99 to C$70.00

You can check out their products according to size, price, use and lifestyle. To view the complete catalog for women, men, girls and boys, visit the company’s website here.

Crocs Canada: Product images & screenshots
Crocs Canada Coupons
Get 2 for $60 Adult Classic Colg -2 for $55 1 Adult & 1 Kids Classic Colg -2 for $50 Kids Classic Colg @ Crocs Canada
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Crocs Canada: Customer reviews & comments

There are countless mixed reviews about Crocs. Some find it very comfortable, lively, and trendy. For others, their footwears are fashion disasters. Here are some of these reviews:

“I never, ever liked Crocs before...until now! These are super cute and comfy! They run narrow and small so I got a 1/2 size larger and they are still snug but I love them so much that I am keeping them.” – Reviewer from Charleston, SC on Leigh Wedge, via

“You will not have trouble finding a pair of Crocs that matches any outfit in your wardrobe. If you don't really care to own several pairs just so you match, go with basic black. They don't hide dust or dirt very well, but none of the colors really do (with the possible exception of the light-tan version). But black Crocs will match any outfit, so you could very well get away with owning just one pair of these fashion atrocities.” – Rustic Girls

“My ankles are a bit problematic and that I cannot walk for long, but with Crocs, I would now walk with ease for a much longer period and it really made me happy as I could go for shopping without a sore ankle. It really did change my life. Well, even though I don’t like the look of the shoes very much, but it did bring a lot of comfort to my feet. To rate it, counting out the look, I would give it a perfect 10.” – by MBFX220, via

“I started as a skeptic and now I am a believer. Croc Ace golf shoes are actually very nice. They are comfortable, light, and grip the ground adequately, and with a price tag of just under $40.00 you will be hard pressed to find golf shoes any cheaper. While these won't replace my nice FootJoys when I visit the local country club or high end course I will certainly wear them on the occasional practice round or practice session at my local muni.” – Danny Ottman, via

“Horrible, horrible, horrible. I bought the croc flip-flop/thongs/sandals/whatever you call them, based on the recommendation of friends and it was a waste of $50. If I wear them actively for over 30 minutes, I might as well be wearing cheese graters. They tear strips of my skin off as I walk. I've worn flip-flops most of my life, very actively, and I've walked barefoot on hot asphalt without too many problems, but these crocs truly affected my ability to walk by ripping off strips of skin from...” –

Best Available Crocs Canada Coupon:
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Well-crafted review!  Broken down so nicely for intrested consumers to comprehend. I had to take a double look myself...cause I love shoes.  I have so many but I also give away many.  Thanks for the information

Good review. My girls love wearing Crocs.

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Great work! An elaborate review.

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Get 2 for $60 Adult Classic Colg -2 for $55 1 Adult & 1 Kids Classic Colg -2 for $50 Kids Classic Colg @ Crocs Canada
Get Up To 70% Extra Off Clearance Items @ Crocs Canada
Get $20 Off on $100 order @ Crocs Canada
Get Sign Up for Newsletter and Save 10% @ Crocs Canada