Hendrickbrun.com Website Review & Ratings + Hendrick Brun Coupons
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Hendrickbrun.com Website Review & Ratings + Hendrick Brun Coupons

Hendrick Brun is a website that sells high quality women’s shoes with unique designs. Aimed at women who want to look good, their shoes are the height of fashion.  Their range of products includes the following:

The site is really easy to navigate. When you click on a pair of shoes that you like, you are taken to a page with more details about the product. This includes information about the size of any heels or platform, material which the shoe is made from, sizes available and the weight of the shoe. On this page, you will also see several different images of the shoe, taken from different angles. If you are experiencing any difficulties in ordering or would like further information or advice, you can contact Hendrick Brun by sending a message via the site or by contacting their customer services helpline. Checkout is a quick and simple procedure and can be speeded up further by using their Google fast checkout option.

Hendrick Brun: What makes it different?

There are many similar stores that sell good quality and uniquely designed shoes on the Internet. However, Hendrick Brun does have several features and differentiators that make them stand out against the rest. Some of these are as follows:

  • International shipping- Hendrick Brun will happily ship shoes to any destination that you choose. This can be your billing address or an entirely different one.
  • Fast checkout option- instead of using the regular checkout option, you can use the Google fast checkout .
  • Sizing guide- the fit, shape and size of shoes can vary from one website to the next. Hendrick Brun has a sizing guide so that customers can be sure of the correct size to purchase from their website.
  • Unique designs- the shoes on this site are only sold by Hendrick Brun on the website and in their own premises.
  • Returns and exchanges- they will gladly accept returns and make exchanges if you are not happy with the product, provided that they are unworn.
  • Free shipping- there is free shipping on all orders provided that they are being delivered within the 48 contiguous United States.
Hendrick Brun vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Hendrick Brun)

There are many other websites that sell shoes. Two of Hendrick Brun’s competitors are Nina Shoes and Payless Shoes. Here is a comparison of how these rivals site compare to Hendrick Brun.

Pros of Nina Shoes

  • They sell children’s shoes as well as women’s shoes.
  • They sell other products such as wedding accessories, handbags and jewelry alongside their range of shoes.
  • Customers can design their own shoes on this website.

Cons of Nina Shoes

  • There is no international shipping. At this time, only residents of the US and Canada can purchase from this store.
  • There is no online chat option, just a telephone number.
  • There are fewer types of shoes available from this store.

Pros of Payless Shoes

  • They sell shoes for all the family, not just women.
  • They sell shoes for every situation and occasion, not just fashion shoes.
  • There is a flat rate shipping fee.

Cons of Payless Shoes

  • The designs of the shoes on this site are not unique.
  • The site is slightly more complicated to use because there are more categories and too many options to refine the search.
  • They only ship to the US and Canada, limiting customers to residents of these areas.
Hendrick Brun: Pricing & packages

A direct comparison of prices can be made between the products at Hendrick Brun, Nina Shoes and Payless Shoes. Here is an overview of the cost of sandals at each of these stores.

  • Hendrick Brun- their range of sandals are priced between $89.95 and $129.95.
  • Nina Shoes- prices start at $69.95 and sandals can cost as much as $129.99.
  • Payless Shoes- sandals cost between $9.99 and $39.99.

This shows that Payless Shoes is the best value store, while the pricing at Nina Shoes and Hendrick Brun is very similar. However, Payless Shoes sells mass produced, cheap shoes, while Nina Shoes and Hendrick Brun both sell quality shoes of unique design and this is reflected in their prices. In addition to this, there are several other points to take into consideration about the pricing of the products.

  • Free shipping to all orders within the US and Canada.
  • Regular sales and discounts.
Hendrick Brun: Product images & screenshots
Hendrick Brun Coupons
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Hendrick Brun: Customer reviews & comments

Hendrick Brun does not display customer feedback or ratings on their site to accompany the details about their products. This means that it is necessary to do a wider search on the internet to find out customers views on the products, pricing and customer service. However, there are very few reviews to be found on this site. This could be a good sign because often people only write a review to let off steam when they have received inadequate service. There are a small number of reviews though and these seem to show that customers are happy with the products that they have bought, the price that they have paid and the service that they have received. Here is an example of one such comment that a customer has written:

“These shoes Rock!  You will steel the night with these heels. These pumps are fierce, Especially the stripe in the rear. Dangerously Sexy."

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