How to Walk a Mile in Those Stiletto Heels

Ok, so I can't make you into Carrie Bradshaw - she's in a league all her own when it comes to wearing fabulous footwear. But if you've watched Sex & the City as religiously as I have, you know that even Carrie experienced her off days. These easy pointers will have you strutting your stuff in no time.

  1. Know the shoes you're buying. Sometimes, a bad shoe is a bad shoe. It may look fabulous is in the shoe department, and even more fabulous when you slip it on your foot, but if you can't take a lap from the Nikes to the Birkenstocks in the store, you probably won't have greater success when you take those babies home. Instead, while you're in fabulous shoe land, find a similar pair with a slightly lower heel height. You don't have to sacrifice all height, but sometimes a 1/2-inch can make a significant difference.
  2. Protect your weak spots. They make a lot of wonderful products out there to keep you in your shoes. If you have a pair that goes right to that certain part of your toe and rubs at the skin every time, pick up a product like Johnson & Johnson's Blister Block. Sold right by the Band-Aids, it's a lifesaver. Rub it onto the places that hurt (or be proactive and cover the spots that you know will hurt) and you'll be able to walk anywhere. Promise.
  3. Make your shoes work for you. Insoles aren't just for little old ladies anymore. Companies like Dr. Scholl's have inserts made specifically for high heels. They slip right in, give your feet a little more cushion where you need it, and no one is the wiser.
  4. Identify your shoe "personality." For some people, an ankle strap helps give support. For me, my ankles will turn when I wear a shoe with an ankle strap. And mules? I wouldn't be able to take two steps. They just don't work for me. Find out the style or styles that work best for your feet, provide the most support and make you feel comfortable. When you've figured that out, identifying the best shoes out there for you will be a breeze and keep you from ending up with a closet full of shoes you can't walk down the street in.

Once you have a system that works for you, slip on the sexy heels wherever you go. Adding a little height to your day can go a long way in making you feel great.


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