Nike Dunk Mid SB Review

Review of the Nike Dunk SB Mid.

Back again for a review on another ever-popular Nike SB model, the Nike Dunk Mid. A few changes have been made to this model since its inception in 2006, some for the better, some for the worse. However, no changes will affect they way you skate in them, look in them, and feel in them. They are a fantastic shoe that anyone can wear, skater or otherwise.

The sole of the Nike Dunk SB is the original sole from the days where the dunk was strictly a basketball shoe. It transfers to the skate world extremely well, with increased grip as the shoe gets used more and more. At the beginning, tiny stars cover most of the edge of the sole. Those stars of course wear off over time, but a fantastic little Nike signature on an already perfect shoe. The sole's upper, unlike the Janoski which I reviewed some time ago in my Janoski Review, is a cup sole. Now, the difference is clear when you look at it. The vulcanized sole of the Janoski looks a bit more simple than the cup sole of the Dunk Mid SB. It not only looks more simple, but also feels more simple. Like I stated in the article, the vulcanization helps with increased board feel. The cup sole on the Mid doesn't lack in board feel at all, it just doesn't have as much as a vulcanized sole. The cup sole on the mid has enough bulk and thickness to it to last up for a while, making the 2 piece toe cap hold up for as long as possible. 

For example, the model being spoke of in the article is the Grip Tape Dunk SB that came out in 2008. It has a stitched suede piece that wraps around the entire toe, with a perforated leather piece on the top side of the toe. The suede wont hold up as long as a leather toe piece would, but it breaks in more quickly and is also more grippy when skating.

The lacing part of the shoe comes with dual lace protecting slots, so you can lace the first two laces underneath them for increased protection. With the constant rubbing against the grip tape, laces are bound to rip sometime. Whatever can be done to help keep them intact is always a plus.

The entire upper of this model, the Grip Tape Dunk Sb, is made of black suede. There are a few exceptions, such as the Nike swoosh, the toe cap, and border of the lacing holes that also protects the laces somewhat from the grip tape, and of course on the strap. 

Now, more recently, they have sadly done away with the strap. They wanted to make the sneaker more skater friendly and get rid of anything that can get in the way of successful tricks. Some applaud the move, other frown. As stated before however, it wont make much difference in your skating, only in your overall look while skating. 

The tongue is not too puffy, and not too thin, its just about perfect. It also has elastic traps on both sides of the tongue to keep not only the tongue in place, but also your foot nice and snug so it isn't slipping all over the place while on the streets.

The inner heel portion of the shoe is a nylon, with padding on the inside which protects the achilles tendon, and also keeps the shoe from constantly slipping off of your heel. It is a very comfortable material that provides maximum protection and comfort when out skating for hours at a time. 

Nike's Zoom Air insole provides your foot with all of the protection you will need when jumping down countless stairs and grinding gigantic rails. It provides a foam material underneath the ball and meat part of your foot, as well as a heel insert that protects from heel bruises. As a skater, you cant pass up something that has those types of features. 

Basically, the Nike Dunk SB Mid is one of the best skate shoes on the market. It is reasonably priced, and often on sale, has all the protection and skater-friendly features that you need in a skate shoe, and to top it off it is incredible stylish. 

Overall rating- 9.5/10. The reason it lacks a complete 10 out of 10 is because they can start to smell after a while because of their lack of breathability. Not to say they are an oven for your foot, but Nike could pull a few strings to make them more breathable. Either way, they are an incredible shoe that should not be passed up if you are an avid skateboarder.


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