The Walking Company: Online Store Review & Promo Code

the walking company review and coupon code

As the next part of my complete online shoe shopping experience and review, I decided to check out another popular online shoe store, The Walking Company ( Now, let’s say you want high-quality walking boots or shoes. You want leather. Or a solid name brand. Then you may consider The Walking Company.

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The brands sold on the website are almost across-the-board dependable – Ecco, Dansko, Umberto Raffini. Of course the majority of the shoes look comfortable, too – with certain exceptions, like the Jessica Simpson pumps. And many of the shoes are also very cute. For example, just look at the image below. Each of those shoes look especially designed for comfort, with high-quality leather, expert design, and well-arched structure.

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Price-wise, the shoes generally range from about $90-150. In my book, that’s perfectly acceptable. It is one thing to buy flimsy or generally low-quality shoes for high prices. It’s another thing to buy shoes that will last you years, even decades, for under $200. And the shoes from the Walking Company will withstand time. These are heavy-duty, leather shoes. They’re made for walking and hiking, running and rough terrain. Invest a few extra bucks into these shoes and you’ll be happy you did.

But here’s the major drawback: Tons of the shoes are completely unattractive. Yes, I’m serious. For every cute pair of shoes, there are two or three pairs that were once reserved for victims of fashion (like Ugg boots). And now they are just completely out-of-style. To find a positively stylish shoe, you’ll have to peruse through pages upon pages of shoes. The company’s commitment to comfort, too, also guarantees a higher level of utilitarian, ugly footwear.

Take this Mary-Jane shoe, for example. It’s not ugly but I wouldn’t qualify it as cute. But it’s got high-quality leather upper and anatomic arch support. Inside, there’s BioFoam, which is a cushioning mold to shape to your foot and absorb shock. It also features a “unique inclined sole that positions the toes 3.7 degrees higher than the heel, helping to strengthen and tone the body.” All in all, it sounds pretty comfortable. But I’m not exactly itching to buy it.

But here’s something that I love: Comfortable fancy shoes! Aside from the patent leather (not a huge fan of the shininess), I like these a lot:

The insole looks soft and cushy. Also, the heel is sexy but it’s a reasonable height (and thick!). Finally, look at the bottoms of the shoes. Don’t you just hate those weak shoe bottoms, which suddenly expose cracks and holes? These heels let you actually walk, so you can enjoy your night out. So simple. So obvious. Yet, somehow, brilliant.

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But the Walking Company truly excels at what it’s all about: Walking shoes. Their walking shoes are reasonably priced, very high-quality, and flexible. For example, look these shoes below. Can’t you just imagine going on a day hike in those things? They’re water resistant and let your feet breathe. The footbed is odor-free and prevents moisture. The rubber outsole provides traction and durability.

It’s these kinds of shoes that really define the Walking Company – and with good reason. They’re practical for all people, hikers and non-hikers, and even feel good when running to the corner store. Of course they’re not the pinnacles of high fashion. But they’re probably something you’re grateful to have in your closet.

In that sense, The Walking Company definitely requires more sifting through than, say, the Macy’s site. But you do find some gems (just less of them). And, if you’re just looking for strong walking shoes, this is a solid site. And that might be worth the extra effort.


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