Which Online Shoe Store Has the Best Shipping and Return Policy?

Shopping online for shoes can be a great way to find more selection of shoes and shop in the comfort of your home or form your desk. However, its essential that an online shoe store has a good return policy, since oftentimes shoes you order won't fit correctly, or you won't like them once their on your feet. As a shoe shopping addict, I've tried most of the big online shoe stores, but my favorites are Shoebuy, TOMS Shoes, Shoemall and B.A. Mason.   I've found that some of these stores have better shipping and return policies than others - here's what I found:

Cheapest shipping

Shoemall and Shoebuy both offer free shipping on all orders. You pay nothing for normal delivery of shoes, which typically takes between 5 to 7 days. B.A. Mason and TOMS both charge standard shipping rates ($3 to $7 per order).

Fastest shipping

Shoebuy has consistently shipped items with  2-3 hours of my orders, I've been amazed at their speed. TOMS and Shoebuy both have shipped my orders quickly, usually within 24 hours, while B.A. Mason can take 1-2 days to ship in my experience.

Best return policy

#1 - Shoebuy: Shoebuy offers a no-questions-asked return policy at no charge to you, anytime. There's no time limit, you can have the shoes for over a year and still return it (it must be in new condition of course, which is the same across all shoe stores). Shoebuy provides a return label thats pre-paid, you just drop off the shoes at your local UPS and your credit will be issued usually within one week.

#2 - Shoemall: Shoemall also offers an anytime return guarantee with no time limit. However, the company does charge you $6 for the return label (its deducted from your credit back) so its not free to return.

#3 - TOMS Shoes: TOMS offers free returns (you just print out their pre-paid label and ship the shoes back), and its completely free to you. The problem with TOMS is that they only allow returns within 30 days, so if you procrastinate a bit you can be stuck with your shoes.

#4 - B.A. Mason: BA Mason allows returns for 120 days, better than TOMS, but they also charge you for the return. So they have a limited time window plus you have to pay.

Good luck - I hope your shoe shopping experience is productive and fun! 

Oh, I also should include the coupon codes I use at each store:


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